New vapers guide


Vaping is easy to master, however at first you may have a few teething problems, this troubleshooting guide will help you with common issues new vapers experience.

A Flashing Battery

If your battery is flashing, the chances are that it has not charged fully or is going flat. It’s best not to use your e cig when this happens. Plug it in and let it build up a proper charge before using it again.

E Liquid in Your Mouth

If you are puffing away and keep getting a mouth full of e liquid, the chances are that you have overfilled your cartridge. You may also be drawing too hard and not giving the liquid a chance to vaporise. If you have overfilled your cartridge, simply remove some of the excess e liquid, and if you think this issue is due to pulling too hard, regulate your vaping and try a gentler approach.

Not Producing Any Vapour

If you are puffing away and your e cig isn’t producing any vapour, there could be a number of issues. Firstly, check the battery has a charge, and then that you have enough e liquid. If the answer to both of these questions is yes, try cleaning your device. You may find that a build-up of dirt has formed around the battery and cartridge.

Burnt Taste When Vaping

If your vapour has a burnt taste, then the chances are that you need to replace your cartridge. A burnt or unpleasant flavour can come about from vaping with too little e liquid, and this is a clear indication that you need to refill or replace your cartridge.

Battery Only Lasts a Short While

There are many factors that will influence the lifespan of your battery. If you are vaping a lot and only charging for short bursts of time, you might be killing your battery’s longevity. Like any electrical device, the battery will eventually need to be replaced. To extend battery life and get the most out of your e cig, you should always let the battery go completely flat before charging it fully. Short bursts of charging will result in the battery only lasting for brief spurts before it goes flat again.

This troubleshooting guide covers the basics for beginners and should help you identify any issues you have when vaping and deal with them quicklyf.